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Table of Contents

Concurrent Thematic Sessions included several different formats such as opportunities to announce launches, initiatives, and more; formats that create space to reflect on challenges and discuss forward looking solutions; and community-driven knowledge cafes intended to maximize participant engagement and interactivity.  The overarching objective of these sessions was to encourage deeper discussion, dialogue, debate, and innovation surrounding the most critical maternal and newborn health challenges.

There were seven different session types included in the concurrent thematic programming.

Session TypeDescription
Launches & Announcements
  • Launches of new reports, partnerships, initiatives, etc.
Fail Forward & Future Directions
  • Presentation of a problem and crowdsourcing ideas of how to problem-solve OR reflections on how the presenter addressed the problem & lessons learned (including failures and opportunities)
  • Could include hackathon formats or solutions stations
  • Could include presentations on future plans, research in the works, new protocols
Listening to Critical Conversations
  • Relaxed set-up with panels or debate-style presentations on ‘hot issues’
Multimedia Showcase
  • Formats could include film, TV, social media videos, mobile platforms, music, radio, animation, comics, transmedia, virtual reality, interactive websites
Community-Driven Knowledge Cafes
  • Round table formats to discuss specific topics or geographies or stakeholder interests
  • Knowledge cafes around topics of global interest, opportunities for participants to share around the topic
Storytelling showcase
  • Curated collections of stories from individuals who can inspire, provoke, or share a compelling story
  • Can also include formats like poetry, slam poetry, performance, etc.
Country Showcase
  • Country participants and partners discuss key issues affecting their countries/regions
  • Opportunities for country participants & delegations to showcase programming or country experiences
  • *This session type is currently being reserved for official country delegations and is not open via application at this time

AlignMNH is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development.


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