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Thank you for joining us for IMNHC 2023!

Aligning TOGETHER.
Accelerating TOGETHER.
Saving lives TOGETHER.

Thank you for joining us for IMNHC 2023!

Aligning TOGETHER.
Accelerating TOGETHER.
Saving lives TOGETHER.

Latest news

IMNHC 2023 Presentation Slides Now Available

To access presentation slides, visit the Program Schedule via the link below. Then, click on a session title and you will see ‘Slides’ next to ‘People’ in the box on right. For plenary sessions, slides are shown when viewing the videos.

Watch IMNHC 2023 Plenary Livestreams

All seven of the plenary sessions were livestreamed free of charge and are available to anyone who would like to watch.

IMNHC 2023 News and Announcements

See all IMNHC 2023 Announcements and stories from global media.

Conference Report Now Available!

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For the first time in eight years…

From May 8 to 11, 2023, more than 1,700 stakeholders from around the world came together in Cape Town, South Africa to accelerate solutions to improve maternal and newborn survival and prevent stillbirths in a coordinated and inclusive manner.

Conference purpose

IMNHC 2023 marked a pivotal moment as we get closer to 2030, the end date of globally agreed upon goals for maternal and newborn health and prevention of stillbirths. Future IMNHCs will continue to convene the maternal newborn health community to drive urgent action for the health of mothers and newborns by collaborating and fostering strong connections, exchanging the most effective tools, sharing best practices and evidence, and investing in proven interventions. Now is the time to accelerate our efforts and save lives together

In order to reprioritize and advance maternal and newborn health, it is essential that we refocus and realign to protect the progress we have made. The first biennial International Maternal Newborn Health Conference (IMNHC), organized by AlignMNH and in partnership with the maternal and newborn health community, was held in 2023 and will be held every two years afterwards to maintain our global progress towards improving maternal and newborn health.

Together, we made IMNHC 2023 possible.

Official tracks of the IMNHC 2023

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Global Guidelines and Local Adaptations

Upcoming Key Dates

8 May, 2023

11 May, 2023

IMNHC 2023

Moving forward, TOGETHER.

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